Don’t Fear the Dentist- Sedation Dentistry For Anxiety

We all joke from time to time about dreading a trip to the dentist. However, for some people that fear is very real. A routine trip to the dentist can cause high levels of anxiety and often leads to an altogether avoidance of the dentist. This can be harmful not just to your teeth and gums, but your overall health as well. For those patients that need extra care and attention, Smile & Skin Aesthetics offers Sedation Dentistry – a safe and effective method for maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile without the worry.

Oral Conscious Sedation offers a safe, relaxed, and pain-free experience. While the patient is never fully asleep, they are relaxed and completely comfortable throughout the procedure. This is why it is often referred to as “conscious sedation.” Patients will be sedated just enough to be unaware of the procedure and will wake-up refreshed with little to no memory of what was accomplished. The sedation offers such a comfortable environment that years of dental treatments can be performed in just one or two office visits!

Smile & Skin offers Oral Conscious Sedation in five simple steps. First patients will come in for a welcoming visit where we will gather information about their basic health and their needs and desires for treatment. If their anxiety levels are low we will do x-rays and a short oral exam. Second, patients will be prescribed a sedative to take the night before the treatment to ensure a good night’s sleep and a relaxed morning. All sedatives are in the Valium family and are well-known, safe, and effective. Third, patients will arrive at the office with a companion of their choice. Additional medication will be provided to provide the ultimate relaxed environment. An experienced sedation team will monitor the patient throughout the entire visit. Fourth, once the procedure is over, the companion will escort the patient home to stay with them until the full effects of the medication wear off. Finally, the effects of the medication should wear off the next day and all that patient will be left with is a beautiful smile!Don’t let anxiety stop you from achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

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