November Spa Specials

November Spa Specials

Antioxidant & Lactic Acid Facial  $110

Slow down the signs of aging with a superior blend of active grape seed extracts, resveratrol, vitamins, milk acids, red fruit rich in antioxidant support and nutrient-building ingredients that will improve the effects of free radical damage.

Brightening Hibiscus & Firming Facial  $105

The flowering benefits of Hibiscus bring life to this facial. With a combination of azelaic and mandelic acids, cellular turnover gently begins the rejuvenation process.  Add to this a potent firming mask that works all the muscles of the face, skin is surged with flower acid power for extra DNA protection and brightening support.

Radiance Peel  $149

Healing and rejuvenation for sensitive skin with distended capillaries, prone to redness and irritation through the stimulation of the skin at a cellular level.  Gentle enough and ideal for sensitive and rosacea prone skin.
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