Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry offer comfort and piece-or-mind for those patiens that experience anxiety and/or fear of dental procedures.

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Although uncommon, fear and anxiety are very much a part of any medical procedure. Most of us experience manageable levels of these two emotions, but for those of us that require additional care and attention, Smile & Skin offers Sedation Dentistry – a safe and effective approach to maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

We know there are patients for whom the idea of visiting a dentist causes anxiety and trauma. So much so, that many of you will avoid treatment for years causing damage to teeth, gums and general health.

There is an option for patients who may be fearful or anxious about dentistry or simply do not have time for multiple appointments. Oral Conscious Sedation offers a relaxed, safe, pain free experience. Oral Medication is taken the night before treatment and the day of treatment. The various medications offered are in the Valium family and are well known, effective and safe. While you are never asleep, you are relaxed and completely comfortable. This is why the treatment is often referred to as “conscious sedation”.

You’ll be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing. You’ll wake up refreshed, with little or no memory of what was accomplished. Because you are completely comfortable, we can often perform years of dental treatments in one or two visits.


We’re Here For You Every Step of the Way.

Welcoming visit.

We gather information regarding your health and discuss with you your wants and desires. If you’re comfortable, we’ll take x-rays and look in your mouth. But you will never be judged or embarrassed.


Preparing for your sedation visit

We’ll give you a prescription for a sedative to take the night before your first appointment to guarantee a good night’s sleep and to make sure you wake up relaxed.


Arriving for Treatment

Your companion will bring you to the office. Additional medications will be provided to create the ultimate in relaxation. Your experienced sedation team will monitor you throughout your entire visit.


Going home with your new smile

Your companion will take you home and stay with you until you’re completely recovered from your sedation medication.


The next day

Most patients feel no discomfort or residual effects from the dental visit and you’ll be thrilled with all the compliments you will get.


Sedation Nitrous

We provide an alternative type of sedation called nitrous. With nitrous, the gas gives patient a relaxed feeling making treatment more tolerable for patients with anxiety.